About Us

cannabis for med useExclusiveMeds is a medical cannabis dispensing team targeted towards supporting positive transactions between health care consumers and providers. We have established a safe, reliable and efficient way for our patients to be comfortable in when accessing their prescribed medicines along with a recommendation from their medical professional. We also provide a friendly and responsible personal delivery services that patients can use in the Sacramento Area. In addition we provide our online services, including product catalog with specials deals and promotional offers, wishlist, online ordering system etc.

We take pride in our portfolio of flowers, concentrates and edibles. We strive to provide the best medicine for our patients. Everything is weighed to order, no pre-packaging to keep our flowers fresh.

Our Mission

  • Provide qualified health care consumers with safe and convinient access to superior quality and helpful cannabis-based products for therapeutic use.
  • Professionaly deliver the medical cannabis-based products of the top-of-the-line quality for patient consumption.
  • Be an informative and supportive for health care consumers and caregivers.
  • Promote healthy life style and wellbeing in the everyday lives of our customers and members.
  • Help to make a positive impact on the local community we serve.